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So you think you knew life was fragile..?
They talk some MM **ish. They talk movies.. they think they talk movies. You wanna movie? You go get your white ass to blockbuster and get the CRASH movie.

Прораб Человеческих Душ. Не можно вспомнить – mental and emotional block that is – who came up with that definition. Но кто бы ни сказал some half a century ago это, ребята, об том, кто снял этот фильм.

You want the greatest and the most powerful reminder of how fragile life and everything and everyone else around you is. One word, or what am I talking of words - one gesture, a gaze, or actually a lack of one word or a gaze and everything is ruined: life, dignity, love, soul, mind; moral and principles bent and melting.

Oh mann, mAAAAAn. Oh, guys.. I can’t recall getting that emotional lately.

May you caress and be gentle with one another. On the street, in the store and in the household and... mmm... ej, well


PS. Aj, and somehting else, make sure you are alone when watching this damn thing.

It's the sence of touch. In any real city you walk, u know, u brush past ppl, ppl bump into you. In LA, nobody touches you. We are always behind that meddling glass.. We miss that touch so much, so we crash into each other, just to feel something.. www.crashfilm.com

"Easily the strongest American film since 'Mystic River'."
-David Denby, The New Yorker

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Happy New Year! Udachi tebe v Hovom Godu i ispolnenuya zhelaniy!

Thank you, Little Girl.

тебе того же. Год Собаки не должен нас подвести :о)

Многое зависит от породы. Хорошо если попадется не кусачая.

хех, здесь важен подход, а не порода.

Собака бывает кусачей
Только от жизни собачей
Тооокаааа от жизни, от жизни собачей :о)

С наступающим тебя, родная

с наступившим тебя!

А я буду в красном платье.... ммммм

Happy New Year from me and my perfume... ;o)))

Max: First time in L.A.?
Vincent: No. Tell you the truth, whenever I'm here I can't wait to leave. It's too sprawled out, disconnected. You know? That's me. You like it?
Max: It's my home.
Vincent: 17 million people. This is got to be the fifth biggest economy in the world and nobody knows each other. I read about this guy who gets on the MTA here, dies.
Max: Oh.
Vincent: Six hours he's riding the subway before anybody notices his corpse doing laps around L.A., people on and off sitting next to him. Nobody notices.

(C) Collateral

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